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We buy cars from the year 2010 no matter the make or model.
Online or face-to-face car evaluation.
We take care of all the paperwork, payment is made by instant transfer.
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In Chennai, sell your car in just 3 steps

Get a preliminary quote
Evaluate it online
The first step is to quote your pre-owned car. Take the questionnaire so we can evaluate the cosmetic and mechanical condition of your used car. After evaluating it and in a matter of minutes we will make you a pre-offer.
Get a free appraisal
We review your documentation
If you accept the online pre-offer that we briefly made you, you must send us all the documentation of your pre-owned car, so we can validate that everything is in order.
Your money instantly in your pocket
Congratulations! We have a deal
After accepting the offer and validating the evaluation of your car, you can now sell it! So, we will schedule an appointment in Chennai, so you can deliver it and receive your payment. Do not forget to bring your documentation.

Sell Used Car in Chennai

Sell your auto at OLX

If you're looking to sell your used car in Chennai, look no further than OLX Autos. With OLX Autos, you can easily and quickly sell your car online without any hassle. All you need to do is list your car on the platform & provide all the necessary details. OLX Autos offers a safe and secure platform for selling used cars, ensuring that you get the best price for your vehicle. So why wait? List your car on OLX Autos today and sell it in no time!

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Frequently asked questions about Selling Car in Chennai

What is the starting price of a used car in Chennai?

The starting price of a used car in Chennai or any other city largely varies with the brand, model, variant, year of registration, state of registration, and KM driven of your car.
To know the best starting price of a used car in Chennai, visit OLX Autos, which allows you to filter your car search on the following basis:

  • Locations.
  • Brand: From most popular to all brands.
  • Model.
  • Budget: Below 1 Lac to Above 5 Lac.
  • Year of registration: Under 3 to above 7 years.
  • Number of owners: From first to more than four.
  • Inspection status.
  • KM driven: Below 25000 to above 1,00,000.
  • Fuel: Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG & Hybrids, Electric.
  • Transmission: Automatic or Manual.
What are the popularly used car brands in Chennai?

When you buy a used automobile from the organised market, you can benefit from significant financial savings, slower depreciation, hassle-free ownership, simple warranties, and third-party valuations.
The popularly used car brands in Chennai include:

  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Volkswagon Polo
  • Maruti Wagon R
  • Hyundai i20
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Toyota
  • Tata
  • BMW
    You can easily buy or sell the popularly used cars in Chennai by visiting the OLXAutos website. OLX Autos provides hassle-free buy-and-sell of used cars.
How can I sell my second-hand car in Chennai?

You can sell your cherished used automobile in Chennai from the comfort of your home by scheduling a home inspection through OLX Autos' website with the following 3 easy steps:

  • Enter your car's details to receive a quick price quote.
  • Get the best deal by scheduling your car's inspection at your home or a nearby OLXAutos centre.
  • After the deal, you get an instant payment transfer to your account and a hassle-free RC transfer.
Can I sell my car with a loan in Chennai?

Selling your car with a loan in Chennai requires a bit of work. Generally, when buying and selling a car, you have two parties, the buyer and the seller. However, if your car has a loan, a third party joins. The financial institution or lender who has kept your car as collateral is the third party.
If you wish to sell your car, you must first clear off the outstanding loan. Once you clear the loan you will receive a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for your car. After receiving a NOC you can freely sell and transfer the title of your car to a new owner.

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