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Used Petrol Car vs Diesel Car: How to Choose?

used petrol car vs diesel car

Car purchases are rising due to the better deals in the second hand car market. However, while looking for your perfect pre-owned car, you need to decide what kind of performance and features you want in your ride.

As India is considered the world’s number one diesel car market, it has caused concern with its increasing dependence on diesel. However, while petrol cars give many people an unmatched feel and performance, diesel cars are fuel-efficient and high on mileage.

So, this blog will detail some standout differences between used petrol cars vs diesel cars below that help prospective buyers to make an informed decision:


Diesel cars cost more than petrol-powered cars, but the used cars depreciate slower – so they may be a better investment. For instance, a showroom price difference of around 1 to 1.5 lakhs could justify the higher cost of a diesel variant.

A used petrol car will cost you enough to fill up every day, but driving around town without having to stop at the fuel station can save money with a diesel car.

Engine Power

The diesel engine’s most prominent advantages are its sturdiness and its ability to function smoothly over time. However, the most significant drawback of diesel-powered engines is the price of automobile parts.

Since these parts are not readily available, there can be hefty labor costs involved when repairing them. Another disadvantage of diesel-powered engines is their relatively short lifespan compared to petrol-powered cars.


Auto maintenance should be a regular routine. But, it can be expensive, so you will probably want to stick to used petrol car if you don’t have to spend extra on maintenance.

However, diesel cars are often more cost-effective than petrol cars because they require less frequent servicing and repairs. However, they have fewer parts that need frequent maintenance. Despite this, engines are not created equal, and all require careful tuning to start correctly.


Renewed interest in diesel cars has stemmed from environmentally friendly considerations. Diesel cars in India produce lower CO2 emissions than petrol cars.

However, there has been a decrease in the demand for diesel cars because of new emission norms. The other most crucial factor is the city where you live – because some places (like NCR) have terrible smog problems and are covered with potholes, so a diesel might be less likely to get damaged than a petrol car.

On the other hand, rural areas suffer from scarcity of fuel availability, and companies often offer diesel at reduced rates or incentives.

Insurance Premium

A petrol engine’s life is usually longer than a diesel car. It means substantial cost savings are involved after the car’s initial purchase. When you purchase a used diesel vehicle, the cost of the car and its parts will be more expensive than a used petrol car.

Consequently, a higher premium is also applied to your insurance plan. So, the premium on a diesel car could be an additional 10%-15% on top of that for a petrol model.


The more fuel you use, the more power your engine will have. Diesel is higher energy rated than petrol, so you’ll need less petrol to get enough power for some action.

That usually translates to better mileage in contrast to what you would see with a petrol-engine vehicle. As a result, diesel-powered vehicles can be a wallet-friendly alternative for people who regularly drive long distances.

Used Petrol Cars Vs Diesel Cars: How to Pick?

Petrol engines are air-cooled and have a single camshaft. As a result, they produce more power and torque but have higher fuel consumption. On the other hand, diesel engines have two small combustion chambers, compression ignition and indirect injection, which are very efficient, producing less pollution and noise. So, here is the checklist that you consider to choose between these duos:

1) Budget:

The first thing that needs consideration is the budget. If you can spend more without derailing your monthly budget go for diesel cars. But, for budget constraints used petrol car can be a better option.

2) Safety:

Airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-crash structures, etc., are the must-have safety features your car should have. So, pick the vehicle that comes with top safety features.

3) Km Driven:

The number of kilometers (Km) the vehicle is covered also shows how good or bad the car is. However, this does not mean that all old cars are bad.

4) Car’s Health:

Check the interior and exterior of the car properly, along with its repair history. Whether diesel or used petrol car, it should be in good working condition. 

5) Resale Value:

The vehicle’s resale value gives you a good indication of how much the cars were worth when they were new. It is not your go-to car if it is less than you could expect.

How to Buy Used Petrol Car or Diesel Car?

When deciding on pre-owned cars, it is crucial to consider your personal needs. For example, a diesel vehicle efficiently manages large distances in urban settings. On the other hand, used petrol cars are heavy but powerful machines that make your travel time comfortably quick. But if you are still confused about the choices, prefer OLX Autos as your trusted auto eCommerce platform. Find ample options for used petrol, diesel, and even electric cars with the latest models at the most competitive prices.

Moreover, if you already possess a petrol or diesel car but want to upgrade your ride, you can list your car on our portal and sell it in a few clicks. So, buying and selling used cars is no longer a hassle at OLX Autos. Get it today!

Happy Buying!

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