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10 Second Hand Convertible Cars in India

used convertible cars in india

The joy of cruising by not worrying about an unwanted sprout of hair has done wonders for people and manufacturers alike. That is why convertible cars are the hot picks in the Indian car market.

These cars transform from a roof-top ride to an open-top, allowing the views of the car’s interior and creativity in impromptu photo ops. They also come with automatic height adjustments and offer the best blend of style and utility.

Top 10 Used Convertible Cars in India  

If you are also looking for trendy cars, explore these cheap used convertible cars available for sale in the used car market: 

1) Mini Cooper Convertible Car

The unique convertible styling is one of the key factors why mini cooper convertible used cars are appealing purchases. Ranges between 35-70 Lakh used mini cooper can be a nice addition to your arsenal. 

2) Audi A3 Cabriolet

The Audi A3 Cabriolet is a beautiful convertible with vibrant colors schemes. This car uses an inseparable connection between emotion and function to bring people a fresh experience. Every pulse beat sends anticipation soaring as soon as your gaze touches Audi convertible used cars.

3) Mercedes-Benz C-Class

 If you are a car enthusiast or want a high-end potential used car Mercedes Benz C-Class is the way to go. This luxury convertible begs to be driven fast while still looking refined and lavish. This sports car makes a great co-pilot for any adventure with a gorgeous exterior, turbo engine, advanced tech, and robust performance characteristics.

4) BMW Z4

If sleek cars with low-slung grilles are your thing, then the pre-owned Z4 convertible should get your heart racing. Its weighty wheels, sharp headlights, and desirable backside make this voluptuous body of Z4 the Roadster. You can get it between 59-70 lakh if you search well on trusted auto portals. 

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5) Porsche  

The newly refreshed engine lineup and exterior design give Porsche cars an even more luxurious feel. Purchasing certified Porsche cars would save you a lot of money and help you fulfill your dream of owning an expensive car with greater satisfaction. 

6) Aston Martin Convertible Car

This car has that x-factor without overdoing itself with luxury features like leather, plush seats, and touch-screen technology. Suffice to say that this supercar will be an eye-catcher wherever you go to enjoy its swag!

7) Maserati Convertible Car

Despite the Maserati GranCabrio’s power, comfort, and style, its drive performance leaves a lot to be desired without any interior sound insulation. It is a genuine and exciting four-seater convertible.

8) Rolls-Royce Convertible Car

Rolls-Royce comes with spectacular exterior features that elicit emotions and create wow moments on the roads. This coupe redefines decadent luxury with breathtaking style. While being one of the most significant car trends, the openness of its roof offers potential buyers an unrivaled driving experience.

9) Lamborghini Car

This cabriolet has constructed an exclusive technology package. Its tremendous torque and power at all speeds make extraordinary performance. In addition, the sculpture-styled carbon monocoque chassis is mesmerizing that adds an elegant appearance.

10) Ferrari Convertible Car

With an elegant layout, Ferrari has built a four-wheel drive that allows for quick turns. Ferrari is a large hardtop touring convertible with rear-mounted, air-cooled, dry-sump V8 engine designs for ultra-luxurious performance. 

Classification of Convertible Cars

The diversity of convertible cars is endless. Therefore, it’s vital to sort convertible cars by the type of their tops and seating arrangements because they significantly affect their overall composition. Check the below classification of convertible cars:

Sports Cars: Sporty rear-engine or front-engine convertibles are designed with plenty of torque for performance driving. These high-performance cars can typically be seen on short trips. 

Supercar: The supercars have a foldable roof. These vehicles are common due to their exterior model sequences and engine configurations options, which appeal to various styles of buyers.

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Four Seater: Cars with 4 seaters convertible seating boast roomier spaces for passengers. Soft-top convertible cars offer more room for rear passengers by letting them access the backseat when the top is up.

Fabric Sunroof: Rows of fabric stretch taut over the convertible’s exterior, covering its top completely and providing strong protection from the rugged environs. The metal plate at the rear gives the car a rooted quality and becomes a canvas for a luxurious open-top experience.

Luxury Cabriolets: These cars have a luxurious interior, and a fabric roof is perfect for those wanting passing open-top driving experiences. Car enthusiasts desire these cars as these vehicles are rare and come with unique upholstery.

*Please note that price and mileage are approximate values. Actual figures may vary depending on the car’s make and model, working condition, km driven, etc.

The Bottom Line

While researching affordable used convertible cars models ranging from classic and vintage designs to ginormous SUVs, open-top cars are aesthetically gorgeous and function well in harsh conditions. However, these cars come with a hefty price tag, and owning these cars is more like owning a white elephant. But, if you are a car enthusiast and want to upgrade your ride with these luxurious open-top vehicles, these are the best used convertible cars in India. 

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