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Used Car Value Calculator – How to Get Best Price of Your Car?

used car price calculator

Evaluation sets the market price for the car. One inaccurate valuation can end up with a bad deal. Gone are the days when issues like cost and interest rates created complications for the seller to estimate the correct market value of the used car.

This free used car price calculator is a great help. It has a ground-breaking technology that will help you determine your vehicle’s worth to decide whether it makes sense for you to sell it. Read on to know more about the used car price calculator and how it works.

What is a Used Car Price Calculator?

A second-hand car price calculator is an excellent tool that gives you the approximate value of your vehicle in a few clicks. Its algorithm is updated on a real-time basis, which assists you in getting the best possible price for your vehicle.

Make sure that you check inspection records for any features that the prospective buyer would like added. You can also see how much your vehicle depreciates over time. With this information, it is easier for you to decide if you should sell your car, trade it in for something else, or choose to fix the issues that may be causing it to depreciate.

How to Calculate Second Hand Car Price Free?

A second-hand car price calculator is an AI integrated tool that allows you to find the trade-in value of your car based on its make and model, km driven, year of registration, state of registration, and so forth.

After these inputs, you get the estimated market value for your car. This calculator is absolutely free and user-friendly, available on different online auto classified portals. Therefore, it is a fair way of finding out the real-world value of a used vehicle.

Moreover, it will help you to choose the deal that gives you the maximum out of it.

OLX Autos Used Car Price Calculator Free Tool

When it comes to picking the right pre-owned car price calculator, OLX Autos is the brand you can trust. We have uniquely blended the trust of visiting a showroom for physical vehicle valuation with the convenience of accessing quick, accurate values online. So follow the below easy steps and find out how to calculate second hand car price in minutes:

  • Visit
  • Fill in the required details in the form, including brand name, model, year, trim/variant/car registered state, kilometers driven, your phone number, when do you want to sell your car?
  • Click on “Value My Car”
  • Get the car price instantly 
  • After that, you can book a free home inspection as per your location

As easy as sipping a coffee!

While selling your car, always prefer certified auto experts who have expertise in the used car market and help you seal the right deal. 

Factors Affecting the Car’s Value

Car valuation depends on various factors. Therefore, it is good to know the aspects that may increase or decrease the price of the car:

Mileage: It is one of the main factors affecting a used vehicle’s price. A car with good mileage is considered fuel-efficient that can fetch you a good price. So, check the mileage of your car and estimate the cost accordingly.

Odometer: Another most critical factor in a car’s valuation is the odometer reading. New car purchases have no odometer reading yet, but counting the number of kilometers on a used car will directly impact its valuation. Therefore the price should not be too high or too low; it should be equally proportionate to the odometer reading.

Car’s Health: A car with torn seats, broken electronic equipment, dents, scratches, or other issues will have an adverse effect on its value. Therefore, it’s always wise to keep your car in good condition.

Kilometers Driven: The more kilometers a car has, the lower its value becomes. It depends on how many years under warranty still exist too. If your car is over 1 lakh kilometers, it won’t be easy to resell it at its full price because of its defects.

Added Accessories: Add accessories such as sunroofs, AI with security locks, remote control feature, back cameras, premium sound system, leather seat covers, etc., add more charm to your old vehicle, and can fetch you more money.


Finding the right deal for your beloved car can be difficult if you don’t have the projected price ready. With a used car price calculator, you can determine the vehicle’s value and get the confidence to negotiate with potential buyers to finalize the transaction on your own terms.

FAQs on Used Car Price Calculator

Ques. How can I calculate my used car price online?

Ans. It is simple to evaluate your vehicle’s worth with a used car price calculator, available on auto eCommerce platforms online.

Ques. Do I need to pay any fees for using pre owned car valuation tool?

Ans. The second hand car valuation tool is absolutely free of cost. You just need to enter the details of your car, and within a few seconds, you receive the quote.

Ques. Does the pre owned car value affects the auto insurance premium?

Ans. Car valuation affects the auto insurance premium. If the car value is higher, the premium will be less, and you get more insurance coverage. However, if the valuation is lower, the premium is more due to increased risk factors.

Ques. Is there any registration required to check my second hand car worth?

Ans. No such registration is required. You can simply visit the official websites of certified pre owned car dealers, fill in the required details and get the quote in a few clicks.

Ques. What to do after getting the estimated market value of my car?

Ans. Once you get the approximate price of the car, you can book either a home inspection or fix an appointment for a store visit for a final inspection.

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