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10 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car in India

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Purchasing a trade-in car can be an exceptionally brilliant choice. It is so because these cars have experienced depreciation and enough mileage that made them last longer.

However, buying a pre owned car likewise has some vulnerabilities such as its working condition, papers, or whether it has been an accident before or stolen, etc. So, here are some really important things to check before buying a used car in India that can help you reduce the risk and convert the transaction into a hassle-free deal.  

10 Important Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Buying utilized vehicles come with its own set of issues. This handy list will help you to make an informed decision

1) Check the Car’s Health

Finding the perfect automobile necessitates meticulous attention to detail. Check the vehicle’s well-being, including engine, tires, and other parts, for any deformities.

Some aspects of the car you can only notice during a test drive. If feasible, enlist the help of an auto master to search for any anomalies. This way, you will save your valuable time and money. 

2) Look Interior & Exterior 

The vehicle’s interior & exterior are essential things to check before buying a used car. First, take a gander at the car’s upholstery, including the front and secondary lounges, and ensure there is no stain or tear.

Besides, check whether the music system, screen, ac vent, lock buttons, and others work accurately. At last, check if the safety belts, seat covers, and entryways are in great condition.

3) Check Car Framing

Vehicle edges anecdote a tale about its journey so far. It shows if there is a significant wreck,  ill-fixes, twisted parts, or rust. However, these things can be covered or concealed by decent paintwork, undercoating, and new joining parts. Therefore, checking the vehicle’s arrangement and confirming nothing free close to the underside can be similarly significant.

4) Look for Better Mileage 

When purchasing a second-hand car, it is crucial to know the mileage to gauge major maintenance issues. Expert says that if the car is not too old but has major mileage issues, it may be due to severe problems within the vehicle.

It’s essential to go over these effects with the seller in detail, as they are difficult to inspect in one go.

5) Verify Registration Certificate 

Verify the registration certificate carefully. It is among the most important things to check while buying a pre owned car to minimize your risk related to ownership and registration.

In addition, it will give you information about the maintenance and records of the vehicle along with its registration state. You can also check if there are any pending issues or criminal proceedings about the car. 

Further, ensure that the vehicle engine number and chassis number on the registration papers match before buying the car.

6) Get the Original Bill of Sale

Prior to obtaining a trade-in vehicle, the first thing to verify is its original bills of sale. These bills show the details, including the cost of the car, sale tax, cost of accessories, terms, and conditions, and more.

In addition, it helps you to validate the vehicle’s ownership and is also vital for car insurance. 

7) Check Car Insurance

When buying a second-hand car, a vital consideration includes making sure the owner transfers the old car insurance policy to your name. It is inevitably your responsibility; else, you could put yourself at legal risk. Moreover, check the current policy to see if the payouts are substantial enough to cover accidents’ losses. Also, look for car insurance add-ons that you feel could better suit your needs.

Furthermore, check for NCB as well. It is a reward assigned to the insured for the claim-free year. Yet, while purchasing the trade-in vehicle, its insurance policy can be transferred to you but not the NCB. Therefore, new owners must pay for the balance policy period for no claim bonus.

8) Check Other Important Documents 

Road tax receipts and pollution certificates are other essential documents you should check before purchasing a trade-in car. In addition, make sure that the vehicle is scrupulously clean, factory approved, and has not suffered from the effects of any mishappening. 

Further, form 35 with the financing company’s NOC is also necessary if it is a financed car. 

9) Go for Test Drive

A test drive is also one of the crucial things to check before buying a used car in India.

It will provide you with a lot of information about the vehicle’s performance. Make it a point to drive on the highway, narrow roads, and U-turns—moreover, test braking, acceleration, and suspension to ensure that they all work correctly. You will be able to feel how quickly or slowly the vehicle brakes, as well as how readily it maneuvers across different types of roadways.

10) Prefer Online Auto Classifieds

Getting your budget car in a few clicks while sitting in the comfort of your home is extremely easy. Thanks to digitization! Many auto classified portals provide comprehensive information about automobile brands, features, pricing, etc.

You can browse millions of utilized cars, compare the available options and pick the best one. Moreover, most of the listed cars are certified so that you can assure 100% authenticity and avail of value-added services like RC transfer for free. 

Thus, purchasing second hand car is no more a daunting task. Follow these things to check before buying a used car in India and reward yourself with the excellent ride of your choice.

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