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Car Comparison

Sedan vs SUV: How to Choose? 

Sedan Vs SUV

There’s a notable positive trend in purchasing SUVs after the frequent launches of compact and mini SUV models in the market. To a layperson, it would seem that SUVs have successfully captured the market previously held by Sedans. The question then arises that Sedan vs Suv, which is better?

The choice depends on what you are looking for in a car. Based on your requirements, compare SUVs vs Sedans in India. Don’t give in to the popular narrative that SUVs have successfully replaced Sedans in the Indian market. In certain ranges of price, Sedans fare way better than SUVs. Moreover, there are specific categories like fuel efficiency, wherein Sedans always come out on top.

Before comparing the models, let’s first understand the features of sedans vs SUVs.


sedan car

Sedans have always attempted to provide as much comfort to their passengers as feasible. Because of their three-box architecture, people and baggage are always put in separate compartments. Sedans sit low to the ground, which adds to their sportiness. Sedans are popular among enthusiasts owing to their driving characteristics, as their low ground clearance means they have a low centre of gravity. This allows them to provide a superb driving experience not just on straight routes but also on twisty ones.

When it comes to sedans, the possibilities have grown significantly in recent years. From sedans ranging less than 4 meters to ultra-luxury sedans from the likes of Rolls Royce, your selections are only determined by your finances. Even sub-4m small sedans (such as the Maruti Dzire, Hyundai Aura, and others) have well-designed interiors.


suv car


SUV or Sport Utility Vehicles refer to a range of vehicles with four-wheel drive and high ground clearance that can travel off-road while feeling like a lighter truck. SUVs are built on a carmaker’s current hatchback/sedan platforms. The on-road performance of these vehicles are robust; plus, you can drive SUVs off-road as well.

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Sedans vs SUVs: Key Points to Consider

The best way to decide whether you should go for a Sedan or an SUV is to compare the features of these categories. Here are some points to consider:

1. Space

When it comes to space, Sedans come out on top every time. Even though SUVs have more headroom, the space between the rows is often insufficient. Due to the longer wheelbase, Sedans provide more legroom and space between rows. The difference in space isn’t that visible as one moves upward in the price range. However, compact SUVs have considerably lesser space than Sedans in the same price range. 

2. Boot Space

For many people, all that matters in a car is the boot space. SUVs seem appropriate if you’re looking for a car allowing more boot space to stuff luggage in. However, Sedans also have ample boot space, even though they may not look like it. With Sedans, you can get the same boot space as an SUV by paying a lot less. Of course, the argument for boot space also becomes irrelevant when considering Sedans and SUVs with a price upward of 20-25 lakhs. 

3. Performance

This category depends totally on the terrain. If you’re driving on rough terrain, SUVs will fare better than sedans. However, on smooth roads, Sedans tend to have a slighter edge on SUVs because of their lower centre of gravity. Moreover, performance will also depend upon the model and company. It’s a myth that SUVs are far superior to Sedans in terms of performance. Regarding turns at high speed and drag coefficiency, Sedans are better than SUVs with better stability and minimal body roll. 

4. Fuel-Efficiency

Sedans tend to have a lower drag coefficient. A lower drag coefficient means your car’s engine will be more fuel-efficient. SUVs don’t fare well in this category as they have a higher drag coefficient. Moreover, they are huge and bulky, resulting in poor fuel efficiency. 

5. Comfort

SUVs are more durable and hardy. Plus, due to their size, you won’t feel much discomfort in SUVs when the roads are rough. On the other hand, sedans have great suspension and make for smoother rides than SUVs only when the roads are good. If you live in an area with bumpy or rugged street, you might want to go for SUVs due to their durability. However, sedans should be your first choice if your priority is comfort. 

6. Safety

Many buyers looking to purchase a car for their family are prioritizing safety. The safety of a vehicle is primarily determined by two factors: collision avoidance and crashworthiness.

SUVs are large and heavy, with tough construction that ensures structural strength. However, while SUVs are safer in a collision with another vehicle, they fail terribly in preventing collisions in the first place. SUVs have a high centre of gravity, making them more susceptible to rollovers. They also take longer to stop and require more skills to operate in an emergency.

Sedans, on the other hand, have a longer engine bay and a larger trunk area, which function as buffers in the event of small hits. Not only that, but because sedans aren’t as top-heavy as SUVs, they’re fantastic for accident avoidance.

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Difference between SUV vs Sedans: Quick Summary

The SUV vs Sedan debate will continue for a long time as more models are launched yearly. It’s close competition between these two types of cars, and you should always do ample research before settling for one. Here’s a table to help you get a better perspective.


SUVs  Sedans
Space Offers more headroom in comparison Sedans tend to have more space overall
Boot Space 7-seater SUVs compromise on boot space, but flipping the last row adds more space. Sedans have a large boot area.
Performance Performs better on rough terrains Performs better on smooth terrains
Fuel-Efficiency Are not fuel-efficient due to their bulky size and higher drag coefficient Way more fuel-efficient due to their lower drag coefficient
Comfort and Luxury Mid-class SUVs outperform middle-class Sedans in this category As you move upward in price range, Sedans dominate the market in terms of luxury and comfort

Final Thoughts

Now the final question – SUV Car vs Sedan? Well, that depends. 

A sedan is better for travelling short distances in city streets. Sedans are also excellent for highway tasks since they often have a better ride and performance than a similar SUV and are more fuel efficient. However, if your commute is on terrible roads, an SUV with more ground clearance is the obvious pick. SUVs also have a high seating posture, which offers you a stronger sensation of control and judgment, especially in traffic.

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