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Why Buying a Second Hand Car in India is a Good Idea

is second hand car worth buying

Are you looking for a new car but don’t want to spend all your savings? Don’t worry: buying a used car can make sense for you! It is a smart financial decision, especially when you have other financial responsibilities but still want to stay safe, mainly after the pandemic.

It’s also less stressful on the environment and reasonable than keeping up with new models. With the proper research and preparation, this could end up saving you thousands of rupees!

When you are buying a used car, the price is always the biggest factor. Most people will think that paying less for a used car means it has some flaw or issue that would be revealed later on – but is that really true? No. Take a look at these below-mentioned key points.

Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Car:

Number of Options

Buying a used car in India can be an excellent deal for buyers because the market is very competitive. You may get ample options even you can afford your dream car too. You can find used cars all over India, and most of them are operational and safe to drive.

No Waiting Time

Usually, you have to wait for 2 weeks or even sometimes 6 months to get the delivery of the new car. But, the used car market here is handy, where you can pick the car of your choice and buy it in a few clicks (online).  So, no waiting time is required when you opt for pre-owned cars.


Is it worth buying second hand car? The best answer to this question is yes because second hand cars are affordable. You can even afford luxury rides which you can not even imagine if you want to buy the new one. 

Low Maintenance Costs

If you buy a used car from certified auto eCommerce platforms, chances are high you can crack the best deal and get the perfect ride. So go for the cars that are not too old but in good condition with good mileage that will help you to keep the maintenance costs as low. 

More Savings

At times, it is impossibly difficult for people to save that much money to pay for the new car in one shot. That’s why people buy used cars in India.

They get the car according to their family requirement without having to spend so much more than they want to. And can keep their hard-earned money saved for other purposes. 

No Additional Costs

Are second hand cars worth it? When this question strike your mind, think about those extra charges such as registration fee, accessories, insurance, taxes, etc., that you need to pay to get the new vehicle on the road.

Thankfully second hand cars save on these additional costs. As most of the charges are already paid by the first owner, you can save your money here. 

Insurance Cost Less

It’s not just the price of the car that may put you off. You also have to account for expenses like insurance that will chip away at your savings. The usual costs of insuring a new car also make it expensive.

In addition, you pay more taxes, levies, and other insurance clauses. So, now you can imagine if is it worth buying second hand car. 

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

The rising cost of new cars, the pandemic outbreak, social distancing, lifestyle, etc., are the reasons for the recent surge in demand for certified pre-owned cars in India.

Moreover, when you go to the auto eCommerce platforms, the best part is getting thoroughly inspected, refurbished, and certified vehicles at a price that eases your pocket. In addition, other benefits come with certified pre-owned vehicles, such as extended warranty and special financing.

Peaceful Drive

Driving a used car is peaceful and comes loaded with its own benefits. The foremost is the lack of first dents or scratches it can easily get since you won’t be driving it for long.

Plus, you can take it out for your first trip as soon as you buy it, which is typically something people avoid till they make sure there are no such problems with the new car.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Car in India

In recent years, auto eCommerce dealerships in India have been a hot spot for consumers because of low prices and a wide selection. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a used car, however.

If you’re considering purchasing a car online, be sure to ask questions about the car’s quality, history, and maintenance.

Sum Up

So, hopefully, is a second hand car worth buying is no more a triggering question for you. As the cost of a new car is going up and it’s not always possible to have a new vehicle, a second hand car is worth buying. Moreover, if you are already a proud owner of the car but want to upgrade your ride, sell it at OLX Auto hassle-free in a few clicks.

So, list it and sell it.

Happy Selling!

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