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Importance of Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Wheel Alignment- Why is It Important_

Does your car have a preference for one direction over the other? Do you think your car is exerting more effort than it ought to? These might just be wheel alignment symptoms or the lack of it, and unaligned wheels may be to blame for this. Your car might suffer damage from misaligned wheels and be steered off course. Wheels that are out of alignment cause poor control and performance in addition to typical wear and tear.

So what is the significance of wheel alignment and balancing?

What is Wheel Alignment in Automobile?

The term “wheel alignment” is frequently used interchangeably with “wheel adjustments.” It is not the case, though. To discover the optimum angle at which the tires make contact with the ground, the suspension of the car is adjusted through wheel alignment and balancing.

Wheel Alignment vs Wheel Balancing

Wheel alignment and balancing are two distinct service procedures, though they are frequently used interchangeably. Wheel imbalance and misalignment can cause low fuel economy, steering wheel vibrations, rapid or inconsistent wear, and other handling problems. But the underlying issues and their solutions are very different.

To guarantee the smooth functioning of the wheel while driving, the wheels must go through a balancing procedure to equal out any asymmetrical masses inside the tire and rim assembly. Before installing new tires, this must be completed. A specialist can use different types of wheel alignment techniques like,

  • A balancing machine.
  • Add loads to the wheel to correct it.

In addition, the wheel alignment process is a whole other procedure that necessitates the use of specialist equipment and corrects the multiple angles of the impact that a tire has on the road.

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Wheel Alignment Symptoms

Here are some warning signals to look out for if you suspect the wheel alignment in your automobile needs attention – 

  1. If you suspect an alignment issue with your vehicle, drive it to the middle of a clear road or into a level parking space and pay special attention to how the steering behaves.
  2. Steering wheel vibration: Another sign that your car’s alignment could be out of balance is a vibrating steering wheel. It might seriously impair tire wear and result in a flat or tire blowout if it is not immediately corrected. 
  3. Having problems with your car’s suspension is another possibility.
  4. Uneven tire wear: Tire health and wear are greatly impacted by misalignment. You might notice a tire that is more worn than the others or uneven tire wear patterns. One of the most frequent causes of tire deterioration is uneven rotation. Different wear patterns are produced by misaligned tires, such as excessive wear on the inside or outer edges.

Importance of Wheel Alignment in Automobiles

Extends the life of the tires on your car

Your car’s tires will wear unevenly if it is out of alignment. Your tires’ lifespan could be significantly affected by this. You will have to replace the car’s tires sooner as a result.

Extend the life of the car’s suspension and steering

Poor wheel misalignment and balancing put more strain on your car’s suspension and steering systems. It may lead to uneven wear on the steering and suspension systems, requiring pricey repairs.

Make the Car Fuel-Efficient

Wheel alignment in automobiles and fuel costs are closely related. A vehicle with proper alignment uses less fuel than one with incorrect alignment. When wheels are out of alignment, they can make it more difficult for the vehicle’s engine to move forward, which can affect fuel economy.

Increase Safety and Comfort

You can notice a greater lean to one side of the car if the tires are out of alignment. Driving could become more difficult as a result of the constant corrections required to keep the vehicle moving straight. Furthermore, a jarring ride could take your focus off the road.

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Types of Wheel Alignment

Toe-in and Toe-out

On passenger cars, these issues are often brought on by worn or damaged tie rod ends, worn or broken control arm bushings, or worn or damaged steering components. These issues can be brought on by the aforementioned, in addition to worn or damaged drag links and/or worn idler elbow bushings, on cars that use steering boxes rather than steering racks.

Positive and Negative Camber

These issues are often brought on by lateral contact with objects, worn, damaged, or damaged control arm bushings, stretched, damaged, or broken McPherson strut fittings, or all three.

Positive and Negative Caster

Although this setting is crucial for effective straight-line tracking, it is important to note that this angle is typically immovable. However, accident-related body deformation can disrupt this equilibrium. In some cases, a body shop can restore this equilibrium by using computerized equipment to “pull” the chassis back into place.

Four-Wheel Adjustment

Although strong high-end sports vehicles are more frequently subjected to this type of procedure to protect the handling characteristics of the vehicle, many “regular” cars can also gain a lot from it. This process delivers the most accurate results in terms of alignment precision when carried out by a well-trained technician.

Thrust Line Adjustment

To ensure that the rear wheels run in the same direction as the front wheels without the need for corrective steering input, thrust line adjustment entails realigning the rear axle with the thrust line.

Wheel Alignment Process – How Often Should You Do It

Typically, you should get your car’s wheels aligned after 5,000–6,000 Km have been logged on the road. Experts recommend that the car undergoes the wheel alignment process between two and three years. It is essential to have it done each time you have the car’s oil changed to preserve the best possible safety for the vehicle and the people within.


You must prioritize wheel alignment and balance as a crucial component of your regular auto maintenance schedule. In addition to saving you money on gasoline and maintenance, doing this will help keep your car roadworthy and ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists.

Only a trustworthy and highly effective dealer can choose the best wheel alignment type for you out of the many available options!

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