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10 Reasons Why Your First Car Should Be a Second Hand

first owned second hand car

The idea of owning a brand new car is both exciting and intimidating for people who have never owned a car before. Whether it is a classic car you grew up admiring, a peppy SUV, or a sporty Swift, every new car comes with a baggage of responsibilities. Plus, maintaining a new car is not always as glamorous as many would hope.

So, whether you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend too much on your first set of wheels or you just like the idea of saving money, buying a used car is an excellent option. 

Reasons Why First Time Car Buyers Prefer Second Hand Car

In this article, take a closer look at these 10 reasons why you should prefer the first owner second hand cars:

1) Affordable: Buying a used automobile is far less expensive, and it is easier on your wallet if you have just started earning or have a limited budget. You will save a lot of money on the registration fee, road tax, accessories, auto insurance, and more because the seller has already made these payments at the beginning.

2) Wide Range of Options: When comparing a new car vs used car in India, you’ll discover a vast selection of possibilities in the used car market. SUVs, sedans, or even luxury cars with different makes and models are readily available, especially on various online auto classifieds.

You can select the minimum to maximum price range, make and model, km driven, etc., that you cannot think to get from the showroom. 

3) Safety: When driving or parking a new car in a crowded area, you need to be extra cautious. In addition, fixing dents and repair cost heavily for a brand new vehicle. But if you have the first choice for a second hand car, safety is less of a worry.

It is so because the seller has driven it thousands of miles, it is mostly depreciated, and it has been carefully maintained. 

4) Low Maintenance Cost: Low maintenance is another key reason to consider first owner second hand cars. Most pre-owned automobiles receive the appropriate ticks for their maintenance inspections and are considered safe to drive with no severe mechanical issues.

5) Tension-Free Drive: Driving your new automobile on city streets, traffic jams, and congested regions are always stressful because you are afraid of getting dents or scars. If you possess a used automobile, on the other hand, you can drive in tight lanes without feeling tense.

6) Low Depreciation: Low depreciation is another good reason to buy second hand cars. New cars depreciated quickly and lost about 20% of their value in the first year. However, because used cars have already declined in value, you have nothing to lose due to depreciation. 

7) Less Insurance Cost: It is cheaper to get auto insurance for pre owned vehicles. The logic behind this is that the more valuable an automobile is, the more money one needs to put up during a mishap. Therefore, as used cars are older, auto insurance companies charge lower premiums in proportion to their worth. 

8) Easy EMI: Pre owned cars are as good as new cars, and the good news is that you can get second hand cars on easy EMIs as well. In this way, you spend less money and can drive your newly acquired ride at affordable monthly EMIs without jeopardizing your finances. 

9) Track Vehicle’s History: If you prefer a certified dealership to purchase a trade-in vehicle, you can examine its history, including its registration certificate, FASTag, bank clearance, accident records, etc. This transparency ensures you get a reliable offer from genuine sellers. 

10) Certified Pre Owned Cars: It’s better to buy certified pre owned cars instead of purchasing from a private seller. You can find these vehicles on various online auto classifieds. These cars are certified on different parameters, and you find legitimate sellers.

The team of experts will also assist you in obtaining the best offer and will handle all of the necessary paperwork.


Purchasing a first car second hand is a wise choice. Perhaps, this option allows you to switch cars every few years without losing a significant amount of money! Moreover, it is cost-effective in price and maintenance and gives you peace of mind.

If you are a beginner driver, dents and scars on pre owned car will not cause you much pain while brushing your driving skills.

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