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CVT vs DCT: Know Which is Better

cvt vs dct

Buyers are switching to an automatic gearbox vehicle due to worsening traffic congestion and a desire for a more comfortable driving experience. However, customers may be perplexed when deciding between CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) vs DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission). These two automatic gearboxes affect the ride quality and fuel economy. But there are some notable distinctions between them.

So, if you’re looking for a new or used car but can’t settle on a transmission, you can obtain help here with this CVT vs DCT comparison. 

DCT vs CVT Which is better?

Every transmission has advantages and disadvantages. However, by comparing the two, you’ll be able to see which one best meets your commuting needs.

1) Fuel efficiency

The CVT is considered more fuel-efficient because the pulleys run continuously. As a result, there is not even the slightest halt in power transfer to the wheels.

Therefore, it minimizes the interval between gear changes and provides the best mileage transmission, especially if you drive in the city and encounter traffic jams. On the other hand, DCTs are typically for high-performance vehicles because they can shift gears rapidly. However, its fuel efficiency is lower than CVT, especially if your daily commuting is more in the city.

2) Maintenance 

CVTs have lower production costs than traditional automatics. Because it has two pulleys and one belt, it is less prone to breakdowns and costly maintenance. It results in optimal torque and rare failures. This transmission also has a relatively inexpensive service. The DCT, on the other hand, is prone to overheating, resulting in costly repairs. Therefore, while picking between CVT vs DCT, maintenance is also an essential component to consider.

3) Behind the Wheel Experience

CVT may frustrate car enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of power when it comes to driving experience behind the wheel. But, here, the DCT automatic outperforms the CVT automatic. The gear selection is automatic in dual-clutch transmission, which results in energetic and high-octane performance. Skoda Rapid, Ford Figo, Volkswagen Polo, and so forth are some excellent cars with DCT. So, if you want to go fast, DCT is the transmission you can trust. 

4) Cost-effective

The dual-clutch transmission has many moving parts and gears that increase its manufacturing costs. Furthermore, its maintenance and service expenses are also higher, which may strain your wallet in the future. Therefore, if budget is a constraint, but still you want an automatic ride, CVT is a good choice. 

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Factors to be Considered While Choosing Between AMT vs CVT vs DCT

The following are the most important factors to consider when deciding between the types of transmission:

  • Understanding the automatic gearbox principles gives an idea of how these transmissions work. You can prefer which provides you the ease of driving based on your commuting needs. 
  • Before you choose the car, make sure you evaluate the power output. AMT cars are more powerful; however, CVT or DCT can be a good option for a seamless city drive.
  • Opting for the right transmission also depends on commuting needs. CVT, for example, is ideal for short distances or congested metropolitan streets. On the other hand, DCT or AMT is better for long distances with more power and control.
  • Check the fuel efficiency before making the final decision on transmission. AMT and CVT are considered more fuel-efficient because the gear switch is so smooth that there are no interruptions in transmission. 
  • CVT is a smart option for people who are new to driving. There is no need to change gears repeatedly; just the accelerator and brakes make learning easier.

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The Bottom Line

There are various aspects to consider while deciding between CVT or DCT which is better? Whether you are buying a new or pre owned car, having a basic understanding of the gearbox is essential. Each mode of transmission has its own set of features and usage. DCT is the way to go if you like the experience of changing gears and rapid acceleration. On the other hand, CVT is a good choice because it costs less and has better mileage than DCT. So, if you’re trying to figure out which is better, this comparison helps you choose the right one. 

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