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Car Care Tips

Check These Important Car Maintenance Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Car Maintenance Tips

Whether it is a brand new or a used car, it is vital to maintain it properly. Caring for your automobile and keeping it in good working order need some extra effort, but you do not need to be a technical genius to do so.

Instead, you can avoid various adversities by understanding the basics of what it requires and when you should undertake routine car maintenance. It also ensures your and your fellow passengers’ safety on roads. 

Quick Car Care Tips for Every Car Owner

1) Read the Car Manual

The first step in maintaining your vehicle is to become familiar with it. It is critical to thoroughly read the car manual to comprehend its operations and components. The user guide covers security, child safety, keys, remote control, specifications, fuel and refilling, driving aid, automobile care, and so on. It provides you with a substantial amount of information that will assist you in avoiding mishandling the vehicle and driving it appropriately.

2) Regular Cleaning

Make it a point to clean your automobile from inside and outside once a month. Avoid using a rush wax polish; instead, wash it with a gentle cleanser at home. If it is not possible at home, take it to the car wash service. If your car’s parts start showing symptoms of wear and tear, replace them. Regular cleaning helps you to keep the shine of the car as is. 

3) Check Tire Pressure

Car tires are the essential parts of the vehicle. However, if the pressure is incorrect, there is a high chance of tire damage, resulting in wear and tear or surges (also known as blowouts). Similarly, by utilizing self-service devices such as gauges, you can check the tire pressure for abnormalities such as cracks or punctures and repair them on time. Make it a habit to check the air pressure in your tires whenever you go to a fuel station.

Experts recommend 32 psi to 35 psi tire pressure when they’re cold.

4) Change Oil Filter 

Oil lubricates and eliminates friction-related heat in your engine. So, this car care tip is about fluids on the car. A vehicle cannot run smoothly without lubricants- they help ensure the smooth functioning of different parts. So changing the oil filter helps clean the oil and keep the engine free from contamination. Check these fluids in the car:

  • Engine oil
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant

5) Check Engine’s Health

Use a simple engine cleaner to wipe off the gunk to avoid damage to the engine. Keeping the surface clean with a proper engine treatment is vital. Regularly cleaning the motor will help protect it from harm caused by leaks, dust, and dirt. Simple eco-friendly cleaner keeps it healthy and ensures running smoothly. Moreover, if you hear any rattling sound from the engine, immediately go to an expert mechanic. 

6) Change Faulty Spark Plug

Your car will fire up only when the spark plug is in place. Therefore, a fouled plug should be the reason for concern. As one of the most important car care tips, replace such spark plug. This can help save you from pricey repairs and give unnecessary stress to the car’s catalytic converter.

7) Battery Maintenance 

Regularly cleaning the battery will extend its life. Furthermore, if you drive a car, you should know the basics of the battery. Before cleaning, make sure the battery is disconnected. Remember to detach the battery’s negative terminal first. It will effectively turn off the electricity and reduce an accident’s risk. In addition, timely battery replacement helps avoid mishaps while driving for long-distance or in remote areas. 

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8) Check Air Filter

Car maintenance is critical for your engine’s safety and longevity. Check the car’s air filter monthly-replace it if it’s damaged or clean it if it’s dirty. Perform routine and annual auto service and maintenance checks to ensure the air filter works perfectly. 

9) Inspect All the Lights

Learn how to check the car’s lights and bulbs. You should also know what to do if one has gone missing or if tingling is present. Headlights and fog lights are essential for road visibility; clean the lenses and replace the damaged ones before they cause a problem.

10) Proper Wheel Alignment

A good wheel alignment is also one of the most important car care tips. The car should always be center straight which prevents drifting while driving. Therefore, head to the authorized wheel alignment expert to check if there is any imbalance or rusting of tires. In addition, proper wheel alignment is indispensable for used cars that have accident records in the past. 

11) Replace Wipers

Wipers are also essential to consider when it comes to car maintenance. Damaged wipers might scrape the windshield and cost you a lot of money. Instead, replace the wipers once a year or whenever they begin to crack or show apparent wear. Changing wiper blades takes only a few minutes to ensure that your vehicle is in good functioning order.

12) Never Ignore Trembling Sounds 

Bring your automobile to the service center or certified garage if you notice weird, trembling sounds underneath the frame. Ignoring such noises can lead to serious mechanical issues with the vehicle. In the long run, intervening sooner will save you time and aggravation!

13) Renew Car Insurance

You can’t afford to be without auto insurance. It is imperative and protects your hard-earned money in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, accidents, or damage. It is also a required document when purchasing or selling a car in India. So, if your auto insurance is up for renewal, do so to drive safely.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining the automobile consistently can help you save money on car maintenance to ensure safety and hassle-free driving. As a result, these car care tips will assist you in keeping your four-wheeler in good health. However, if you are not sure how to examine or replace an automobile item, seek assistance from a local mechanic.

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