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Car Driving Tips: How to Learn Driving Quickly

car driving tips

Driving is an essential skill that’ll come in handy throughout life. Every adult looks forward to learning this life skill, although we need to remember that it needs the utmost concentration and sense of direction. 

Before we take control of the driving wheel, here are 11 car driving tips for beginners we need to remember to ensure our safety and others on the road.

1. Familiarize yourself with the vehicle

We should be acquainted with our vehicle and its vital controls. A car is made of complex and different components and mechanisms. All these components have certain buttons, levers, or knobs that control them. For example, the purpose of the buttons on the steering wheel, how to read the fuel meters, etc. 

Moreover, we must become familiar with the car’s category, whether it is an SUV, Sedan, or hatchback. Each vehicle’s controlling units have different challenges; knowing so will help avoid beginner driver jitters. 

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2. Adjust the Mirrors 

Along with the eyes, the mirrors are also a source of the driver’s vision. The board mirrors help ensure overall safety and security by providing a clear view of what’s behind them. Vehicles usually have three mirrors that contribute and make up for the extra eyes; two outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs) and one inside rearview mirror (IRVM). 

3. Always Carry your Documents

This is important since we don’t want to land in a situation where we are caught driving without the necessary documents. Moreover, under the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, specifically the Motor Vehicle law, driving without these four essential documents can land us in serious situations;

  1. Vehicle owner’s driving license
  2. Vehicle registration certificate
  3. Vehicle’s insurance policy 
  4. Pollution under control document

If we have misplaced or cannot find these documents, we can produce them in digital format through the Digi Locker application of the mParivahan app. 

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4. Both hands at the steering wheel 

The steering wheel is how we maneuver your vehicle. We must ensure the steering wheel’s grip is proper and firm, with the right hand at 3 o’clock position and the left hand at 9 o’clock position.

We must adjust the seat to reach the steering wheel comfortably. For a beginner, it is suggested that we do not try holding the steering wheel with only one hand. 

5. Follow all traffic rules

Every driver should be aware of the traffic rules, which will ensure our safety and those around us on the road. Moreover, we will be fined and penalized if we are found to be breaking any of the traffic rules. 

6. Avoid Overspeeding

A responsible driver is always aware of the speed limits. We must take note of the speed limit signs and stay vigilant about the speed limits we are travelling at. Although driving might sound adventurous for a newbie, don’t over speed. Stay below the 60 km/ph mark while in the city and 100-120 km/ph while on a highway. 

7. Use the Turn Signal 

The turn signal is often ignored, although it is essential to know that indicators are crucial components of our vehicle. They are necessary for taking turns, changing lanes, merging with ongoing traffic, or overtaking. 

Let’s not fidget or play with the turn signal, as it may confuse the driver behind us and result in an accident. Before changing lanes, check the rearview vehicle and use the turn signal. 

8. Don’t ride the clutch 

Our engine is consistently working on spinning the wheels and accelerating the car while we are driving. To change the speed of our wheels, we must engage the transmission so that it does not cut the engine.

The clutch’s job is to cut the engine flow to the wheels. Drivers often ride the clutch or press the clutch while driving. This is unnecessary since our clutch plate will face excessive wear and tear, leading to failure.

We should only use the clutch pedal when we are engaging gears. If we want to rest our feet, we can do so on the dead pedal. 

9. Avoid any distractions 

As a beginner, it is important to focus fully on our driving. We must not use the phone or engage in any activity while driving. Using mobile phones while driving is one of the major causes of road accidents. According to research, 33% of drivers that used their mobile phones while driving met with an accident. Let’s park the car in an appropriate area if something important needs to be taken care of. Also, avoid earphones or loud music while driving, as we may not be able to hear other cars honking. 

10. Always wear seat belts

People often neglect wearing seat belts and only strap them on when there are traffic police officers nearby. The seatbelt is not just an accessory in our car but a vital survival tool. If our car hits an obstacle or when we suddenly need to hit the brakes, our car experiences a particular jerk and throws us off the seat. In such a scenario, the absence of a seat belt will make us vulnerable; we will be prone to injuries. Seatbelts reduce the risk of death by 45% and the risk of serious injury by 50%.

A seatbelt secures our body to the seat and prevents us from hitting any object.

11. Be calm and collected. 

Let’s not drive under stress. Be calm and collected, as feeling comfortable behind the steering wheel is vital. Do not rush the car learning experience; take time to feel confident in your driving skills. Beginners usually need a month to practice driving before hitting the road. 

To conclude, keep these best car driving tips in mind to learn safe and efficient driving. Make sure to stay calm and composed. Know the vehicle and its components, and stay aware of the surroundings and other drivers on the road.


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